The Commemorative Coin Of Rs. 50 In Memory Of Dr. Ruth Pfau Made People Lose Their Heads!

Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Tariq Bajwa has issued a commemorative coin in the memory and recognition of meritorious services by Dr. Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau on 8th May 2018. According to SPB, the commemorative coin was issued after the approval of federal government and it will be available for public issuance across the country from 9th May.

Dr. Ruth Pfau’s untiring efforts brought leprosy under control in Pakistan for which Governor SBP appreciated her. He added that “With her efforts, Pakistan became the first country in the region to control the disease. No amount of awards and recognition can we repay her extraordinary services for the country”.

After the issuance of this coin, the keyboard warriors took social media by storm. Here is how people reacted to this addition of coin in Pakistani currency.

As Always, Jeremy Started It All!

Yes, She Deserved This Honor


SBP Already Launched A Coin For Edhi Sahab!


Ab Yei Chalega Janab!

PTI Supporter?

Some Irrelevant Questions In The Thread…

How Can We Forget Bhabhi?

Indeed, Dr. Ruth Pfau Was Truly A Hero!

Same, Bro, Same!!

Who Else Know This?

Here Comes The Youtube Army!!!


However, the contribution of Dr. Ruth Pfau to Pakistan is remarkable. Due to her efforts, World Health Organisation declared Pakistan as the first Asian country where leprosy is under control. The Mother Teresa of Pakistan was awarded Nishan-e-Quaide Azam, Hilal-i-Pakistan and Hilal-i-Imtiaz and now this commemorative coin.

It is good to see that Pakistanis are appreciating this initiative of the government of Pakistan. In this way, people always remember the legends who made the history of their dear homeland.

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