Farhan Akhtar Will Be Celebrating This Independence Day With Pakistanis!

While commoners are busy in decorating their streets, offices, banks with green and white, few patriotic celebrities are planning something influential. Farhan Akhtar is joining hands with Robin Hood Army to feed the deprived people of Pakistan and India in their Mission 500k. Vishal Dadlani and Clinton Cerejoto will sing with him along with volunteers from Karachi, Islamabad, Delhi and Chennai. The co-producer of Baar Baar Dekho said,


Source: news.uniquepakistan.com.pk

I appeal to the people everywhere to participate in this incredible initiative to help eradicate hunger and malnutrition. It’s our world. We have to make it better!

Anam Rafiq-Co Founder of RHA in Karachi expressed her sorrow about the unfortunate condition that hunger has created in developing and underdeveloped countries. According to Anam, one in every 8 people sleep hungry each night and this ratio is going to increase over time. So keeping this in mind, they pledged to feed 500,000 people of different countries. This activity is the footprint of last year’s activity in which they met the target of feeding 100,000 people from Pakistan and India on their Independence Day Celebration.


Source: compute.info

Robin Hood Army has served about 622,470 people from 30 major cities of Pakistan and India with their force of 5,215 Robins. Their ultimate goal is to feed people suffering  starvation. Their army is ready to reach out the people who are in need and want you to be a part of it.

Sharing is caring, if one citizen provides food to one family per day, if the restaurant owners provide their leftover food to the needy instead of dumping it in trash cans, the situation would be far more better than that.  It’s time we take responsibility and be the change. The blame game can’t help you make change. It’s actually you and passion for your dear homeland that can make the difference. So,  step ahead and play your part either by being a part of an organization like Robinhood Army or any other philanthropic initiative.

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