We Need To Save The Children Of This Generation Before It’s Too Late!

save the children

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This article was originally submitted by Ayesha Ilyas

Yesterday, I was taking a look at my Instagram account and almost every child in their stories had updated about crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, breakup and etc.

After looking at all this, I was just shocked to see what has happened to our new generation. But then I realized that it’s nothing to be shocked about because we have to reap the seeds we sow. It’s not only about Instagram but today the majority of children we see in schools as well.

Whether it’s a single-sex school or co-education. Kids between the ages 8-12 years instead of enjoying their childhood and focusing towards their goals are more involved in these controversies. The kids were there before and still are today. Although, if we compare today’s children with those of past we can see a huge difference between their behaviour, way of talking, thinking and everything.

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One of the main reason behind this huge difference is our today’s TV serials which mothers watch with their children. Nowadays, almost every Drama is about family politics and love stories that “I can do anything for you.” “You are only mine” and so on.

While these things do not have any connection with our practical life.

But a child does not know this because she/he is going through a learning process. She/he does not know what is right and what is wrong. Children learn from what they see. There was a very popular cartoon called “Popeye the sailor man” in which after eating spinach a person becomes more powerful consequently my brother who literally hated spinach started to eat it after watching this show with the belief that he will also become powerful.

The point of telling this is that the child accepts what she/he sees. Today we have been showing our children since they are young the very same family politics and love stories after showing all this. How can we expect a good and obedient child?

“Kids are like plants.”

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For a plant’s healthy growth sunlight and water, both are equally important. Similarly, for a child’s good upbringing if the training is sunlight, then the environment is water. Those parents are wrong who believe that their responsibility is fulfilled by training their kids. Because our training is just like medicine for example if you are taking medicine for a throat infection, but you are eating the same spicy food, so you will never be fine nor will the medicine benefit you.

In the same manner, parents are training the children but along with it, they are showing them those controversial dramas as well. So how can a child have good mental growth or character building? What we see has an effect on us even if we do not want it to, for example, if we see a funny scene, we laugh. When we see a sad scene, we become emotional and after seeing a horror scene mostly people and especially the children are scared.

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These effects are natural and have an impact on everyone but the only difference is that the kids are innocent and what they see remains in their mind. We all must have heard that the ideal age to memorize the Quran is childhood because what goes in our mind during childhood always stays likewise if children watch the same controversial dramas then all these myths will become firm in their minds.

They will feel that this is the purpose of life and by doing so we will become a hero or heroine.

They will get attracted to these things and in fact, the wrong things draw attention to themselves more quickly. Children will try to copy all this in their practical life as well. As a fun they will talk about these scandals with their friends further those friends will discuss with their friend. And that’s how a whole cycle will go. Just as a dirty fish messes up an entire pond. The same way our entire generation is getting spoiled.

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We talk about the prosperity and success of our country, but we are neglecting this very important issue despite knowing that these kids are pillars on which Pakistan will stand tomorrow. Therefore, if these pillars will engage themselves in controversies, so will they be able to support Pakistan? Definitely NO! Each and every single parent want their children’s betterment, but with only a little negligence the future of their children and Pakistan is heading towards danger.

Parents should keep their children away from these dramas as much as they can because they are literally ruining the children. We cannot stop these dramas from appearing on screen but we can at least control our kids. Parents should keep an eye on their kids show them programs which are right for them based on their age now parents have the future of their children and Pakistan in their hands. So parents should open their eyes.

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