‘Save Me From My Husband Before I Become The Next Noor’ – Wishah Begs In New Video

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The latest development in Wishah’s case reveals that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cybercrime has refused to arrest Nawab Akbar Bugti’s son Shahzawar. Meanwhile, Wishah pleads for protection, she asks to save her before she becomes next Noor.

“Save me from my husband Shahzawar Bugti before I become the next Noor Mukadam,” Wishah wrote on Twitter. According to her, the Lahore FIA cybercrime is not arresting Shahzawar.

“He should’ve been declared absconder by now. Such privileges are only for strong men in Pakistan and not for a strong woman who stands for her right.”

Her lawyer Hassaan Niazi reported that Wishah’s life is in danger. Moreover, he said that he has told FIA directors “personally that they will get her killed if they find out where she is”. Turns out, that the ex-DG FIA Muhammad Manzoor is giving refuge to the culprit.

‘He will kill me the same way as Noor’

“In last three days, three different hashtags have emerged of three different girls,” Wishah says in her video message. “I think if FIA director Babar Bakht does not take my issue seriously and does not arrest Shahzawar, soon my hashtag will also come up. He has sent a target killer after me earlier and he will kill me the same way as Noor.”

Earlier this month, Niazi revealed that immense pressure for license suspension was being built on him to back off from the case. In fact, the Punjab Bar Council suspended his license without listening to him. They even registered a false FIR against him, he claimed.

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Justice for Wishah

Wishah’s pleas for protection appeared in a video earlier this year. “I am the wife of Shahzawar Bugti who is the son of late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. He is trying to get me and my family killed. This man is spreading my personal life pictures to blackmail me. I want government protection so I can fight my case against this animal who has destroyed my life,” she revealed in her video messages.

“He used to beat me during pregnancy and wanted to kill our child. Also, he made inappropriate videos of me and sent them to all of my relatives. Even my tailor and food delivery man were sent the video, he did not leave anyone. I have tolerated his torture for seven years,” said Wishah.

Niazi alleged that Shahzawar also committed blasphemy besides sending obscenely graphic pictures of his own wife to random people.

Following her story, many other girls also came forward and claimed that Shahzawar had raped and blackmailed them as well. The victims and Wishah now await to see Bugti’s son behind the bars for his crimes.

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