Saudia Arabia Set To Stage WWE Women's Wrestling Match!

Saudia Arabia Set To Stage WWE Women’s Wrestling Match!

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In the most unlikely twist of events, Saudi Arabia will be home to the first women’s wrestling match in the country’s history. Organizers have confirmed the news of the unorthodox event being held inside the country.

The match will take place today and it seems like another one of Muhammad Bin Salman’s moves against conservatism in the Peninsula. The most exciting thing about the event is that it is being hosted by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

WWE confirmed that two female wrestlers Lacey Evans and Natalya will go up head to head in the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh. The event will be a pay-per-view, also hosting ex-boxing elite Tyson Fury, who will be fighting Braun Strowman.

Women’s Wrestling appreciated!

Saudis on the internet have been shell-shocked by the news ever since it came out. Additionally, people have also been showing a positive attitude towards the news. This move comes on top of the multitude of steps Crown Prince Muhammad Bin has taken recently.

The Crown Prince, evidently, wants to change Saudi Arabia’s image and stance in the contemporary world. The organizers of the women’s wrestling event further informed people about the two female fighters’ rivalry and bouts of the past.

Only time will tell how Saudis will further react to women in ‘questionable’ clothes as per country standards. In Saudi Arabia, before Mohd Bin Salman’s ardent moves, it was compulsory for every woman to wear an Abaya while going out. However, the rules were changed in his tenure for tourist women.

This WWE women’s wrestling match comes on the back of a successful concert, first in Saudi Arabia’s history, some time back. As of recent, Saudi Arabia has been trying to improve its Entertainment industry. This, in a bid to further employment and handle economic frustration.

Not on the Entertainment industry, but women in general, are being given an alleviated status under the Crown Prince’s shadow. Last year, Saudi women first allowed to drive after decades of strictness.

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