The ‘Halal’ Night Club In Saudi Arabia Has Been Shut Down Due To Outrage Before Its Opening Party!

Saudi Arabia’s first ever night club opening in its liveliest city Jeddah made headlines everywhere on 12th and 13th of June. For those not up to date, it is a ‘halal’ high-end café and lounge that would serve non-alcoholic beverages. The gathering will not be segregated, attendants are to be above 18 and there isn’t an imposed dress code. However, it was listed as “smart casual”, indicating that women will not have to be clad in the Abayas.

The Saudis with their much more progressive and open-minded youth had a split reaction on Twitter about the night-club.

Opening along the Jeddah Waterfront, this WHITE club had big plans for its opening night. Ne-Yo the famous RnB singer-songwriter with hit songs like One in a million and Miss Independent was scheduled to perform according to the sources but things took a different and expected turn.

The Club Before Even Opening And Hosting One Of The Top American Music Artist Ne-Yo Shuts Down.

Several videos started circulating the web that showed the inside of the club along with performances where men and women could be seen dancing together. Another video that made rounds was of the halal bar and shisha that ranged from SR 370-500 Saudi riyals.

They were noticed by the Kingdom’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) that immediately took an action opening an investigation to probe into this matter deeming the event as “a violation of legal proceedings”.

Their official Twitter account released a statement as well, which read, “According to information provided to the GEA, the event (Project X) is in violation of the legal procedures and regulations in force, and has not been authorized by the body”.

Saudis weren’t the only one disappointed, NE-YO too apologized to his Arab fans in the Kingdom. He posted a message on his Instagram saying that he came to know about the closing while he was on his way to the venue.

Here’s What NeYo Had To Say:

“Guess we will try it another time”, says NeYo, still hopeful and willing to come again if the authorities allow the club to open in Jeddah. Twitter was definitely having a major reaction moment after the news of the first ever night club in one of the most conservative Arab countries broke out. Let’s see how this story progresses and will Saudi Arabia finally make history or decide to regulate Islamic values instead?

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