Saudi Govt Issues Order To Arrest Female Rapper For 'Mecca Girl' Video

Saudi Govt Issues Order To Arrest Female Rapper For ‘Mecca Girl’ Music Video

Ayasel Slay song

Saudi female rapper Ayasel Slay is being criticized for her music video ‘Mecca Girl’. Saudi officials have ordered the arrest of a female rapper and her crew for posting a music video on YouTube.

The song praises Saudi women in the holy city, describing them as powerful and beautiful. “Mecca girl is sugar candy,” she sings. The video, filmed in a café, shows the rapper singing while a man and a woman were dancing behind her.

It has been tagged as ‘inappropriate’ and against the cultural values of Saudi Arabia.  For the authorities, it offends customs and traditions and contradicts identity and traditions. The controversy between the artist’s critics and defenders breaks out online.

#Mecca_Girl-Represents-Me is now trending

The hashtag #Mecca_Girl-Represents-Me is now trending on Twitter in both English and Arabic.

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“Who gave this foreigner the right to speak about Saudi Arabian women in general and specifically about girls of Mecca?” it reads in a tweet. “The whole area is sacred. Ruled by Islamic law. It’s not made for trash music,” adds another user.

According to the Mecca region’s official Twitter account, the governor of Mecca, Prince Khalid bin Faisal ordered the arrest of those responsible for producing the song. It said it offends the customs and traditions of the people of Mecca and contradicts the identity and traditions of its esteemed population.

The Prince also said to investigate the singer and said that she should be punished.

The call for Asayel’s arrest comes amid efforts by the kingdom to modernize its strict social order and relax some of the many restrictions placed on women. However, some fundamental rules remain the same and they are not willing to compromise on its cultural values.
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