Sattar Buksh’s Twitter Manager Gave The Most Savage Response To This Parody Account of Paresh Rawal, Causes Lols

It is just a joy to see a business that has a personality. A personality that is consistent throughout all platforms, be it the social media or the menu. Sattar Buksh is one of the few cafes in Karachi that set a tone and a persona to the business and inspired other businesses to take that risk.

Whoever their social media manager is, he’s a genius!

It started today when a parody account of actor “Paresh Rawal” hurled comments on the star bucks parody, that is Sattar Buksh

To which, the Sattar Buksh handle politely pointed out the irony in the statement

This created a massive LOL-Storm (yes, I just made that up! Deal with it) on Twitter

This dude wanted to vote for him as the Prime Minister for expertly handling “Foreign policy”


Violence or not. It just made me hungry for some pizza!

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