Sarfraz Ahmed Was Removed By PM Imran Khan From Captaincy!

Imran Khan Removed Sarfraz Ahmed

The sudden ousting of Pakistan Cricket Team’s former captain Sarfraz Ahmed from captaincy caught social media in chaos. Apparently, under Sarfraz Ahmed’s captaincy, Pakistan emerged as the best T20 team in the world rankings. Since cricket fans didn’t seem happy with the decision taken, recently, it was revealed that Sarfraz Ahmed was removed on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s orders.

Sarfraz Ahmed was removed from captaincy on PM Imran Khan’s orders!

However, it is being said that the consistently poor performance of the team lead to the sacking of the former captain. Soon after the news became public last month, Pakistanis poured in their esteemed support for Sarfraz Ahmed. Well, recently, another revelation was made regarding the dismissal that Sarfraz Ahmed was removed by PM Imran Khan from captaincy.

Imran Khan Removed Sarfraz Ahmed

Reportedly, the 1992 world cup winning captain PM Imran Khan wasn’t satisfied with the former team captain’s sluggish performance. Media reports say that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wanted Sarfraz Ahmed to lead the team at least till the next T20 World Cup happening in 2020. But due to Khan’s immediate orders, PCB sacked the Champions Trophy winner form his post.

NOC revoked of the Pakistan Cricket Team ahead of the T10 league!

Since the world knows PM Imran Khan’s blunt captaincy during his cricketing days which then got Pakistan it’s first-ever world cup. Along with the removal of Sarfraz Ahmed from his post, the No Objection Certificate (NOC) was also negated. Later, when the team started to protest against the decision, they were told that the instructions came in from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Imran Khan Removed Sarfraz Ahmed

The NOC’s were provided to the players ahead of their upcoming T10 league which was then nullified. Further, it was also advised by the PM Office to avoid the T10 league because of the involvement of the Indian owners and benefactors. The current PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani received the notification while the report also stated probable ‘mutiny’ from the Pakistan Cricket Team.

Who leaked the ‘confidential’ news?

While the incumbent government of PM Imran Khan is on the verge to make things right, the blame game has started. Sources say that an official of PCB deliberately leaked the confidential news to portray the government in a bad frame. Regarding the issue, the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) showed disappointment on the PCB personnel who leaked the news.

Imran Khan Removed Sarfraz Ahmed

As the issue has now come upfront, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has also jumped in. According to media reports, the council is now expected to probe the matter for a clearer view. Apparently, the ICC will be checking whether the current government is influencing the Pakistan Cricket Team or not.

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