PM Imran Khan Gave Pakistan Clear Instructions To Bat First But Captain Ignored It And The Result Is Evident!

Pakistanis love their tea and cricket; both of which are taken very seriously. There are chai dhabas in every alley possible. Similarly, cricket is played in every community garden or gali by kids and adults. Cricket for most Pakistanis is their life, believe it or not; people of all ages watch, talk and breathe cricket. It’s not even an exaggeration.

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The most-awaited of all matches is that against our enemy-neighbor India. We have an unfavorable history together and the shared cricket grounds with the Indian team is not just sport for Pakistanis but in fact a battleground. A war-zone that isn’t gory and bloody and has no life to lose but has pride of every Pakistani on the line.

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ICC Cricket World Cup is a great deal for every country that plays cricket but for Pakistanis, out of all the matches, the one against India matters the most for obvious reasons.

The PakVsIndia Matches Are So Important, That Even The Prime Minister Imran Khan Couldn’t Stay Idle And Had Valuable Advises To Share With Sarfaraz Ahmed And The Team.

Imran Khan doesn’t require an introduction in the cricketing realm. His captaincy is recognized around the world. He possesses the experience and knowledge that cannot be overlooked. But it was ignored by the current captain of the Pakistani cricket team.

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Here’s What Imran Khan Had To Say To Team Green:

These tweets are followed by the ones where Imran talks about mental pressure that both teams will experience considering how big it is for both the countries. He continued saying that the “power of the mind will decide the outcome of the match today.”

Imran Khan just called out some players “Raillu Kattas”. Who did he specifically say that too? We do not know. He did however clearly indicated that some of the members of the team are “farigh” and will not be able to handle the pressure.

He also advised Sarfraz to bat first, which he didn’t and that one decision definitely cost us the entire match. 

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Looks like the captain should have taken Imran Khan’s heads up to the team about batting first. He did, after all, play a major role in winning Pakistan the World Cup in 1992. Pakistan’s losing team is facing serious hate from fellow Pakistanis, Sarfaraz in particular, as all there hopes, pride and honor were literally dragged into the dirt.

The Match Is Lost And People Are At Sarfraz’s Throat For Not Listening To The Kaptaan.

Looks like it. How unfortunate! 

Paid in full with tears of several hopeful Pakistanis. 

Reverse psychology Imran Sahab! Tsk. If only he knew. 

Can’t cry on spilled milk now, can we? But this defeat has definitely stung badly. The entire nation was swept into disappointment and anger.

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