‘Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business’ – Sarfaraz Ahmed Scolds Wife On Air & Gets Flak

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In a conversation with Nida Yasir’s sehri transmission, cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed and his wife Syeda Khushbaht talked openly about their marriage, his career, and how they met for the first time. However, the bit where the cricketer would not allow his wife to review his performance on the field left the internet fuming.

Despite the conversation being rather light-hearted and wholesome, Sarfaraz shared a story where he gaslights his wife for advising him on his performance.

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The host asked whether the duo have chats about his game. Khushbaht then shared how Sarfaraz has never brought his work home.

“If he isn’t performing well or has lost a match or even if he had won one, he’d make sure to leave all of that [sentiment] in the ground,” she commented as Nida intervened, “So, no after-effects of that?” Khushbaht responded, “Not at all. We have not faced any of it”.

Nida then inquired whether the two have a discussion regarding cricket. “We don’t talk about cricket at all,” Khushbaht shared. “He does not like talking about it and neither do I.” The cricketer then added, “Once we did have a chat about it. It was 2013”. Khushbaht laughed and quipped, “Sarfaraz, no! You really have to share this?” However, this did not stop the cricketer from sharing.

Sarfaraz scolds wife

“I was touring in South Africa, it was my first test match tour,” said Sarfaraz. “The wickets there are a bit bouncy, South Africa was at top of the game at that time as well.”

“I could not perform and I was out of the team,” he added. “Khushbaht advised me to work on my diet and focus more. I told her, ‘You have said this today, keep your nose out of my business from now on. There is no need for you to become my coach.”

Khushbaht, who laughed all along, added, “We have not spoken about cricket since that day”. Many people took to social media to express their outrage at Sarfaraz’s response to his wife’s advice. In addition, the host also received backlash for taking the incident lightly and laughing about it.

Internet calls out the cricketer

A few defended the cricketer

In spite of the fact that both are taking it as a joke, it is still disturbing to see the husband’s attitude. It reinforces the idea that women don’t know anything, which also perpetuates and feeds toxic masculinity and patriarchy. Especially in societies like ours.

The least he could have done was listen to his wife and refrain from sharing the story as well as remain considerate when talking about his significant other on the air.

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