A Disabled Fan Came to Sarfaraz Ahmed’s House at 4am and What Our Captain Did Next is Amazing

Champions are back at home after winning the coveted ICC Champions Trophy in England as well the hearts of entire Pakistani nation. Each player was given a hero’s welcome in their respective cities. Fans rejoiced as they welcomed the stars; they flocked to their homes and managed to pull a remarkable tribute. Our crickets have become nothing less than top celebrities after the emphatic win over India on Sunday. You could see how Karachiites welcomed Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed. Fans were gathered at the airport and gave a warm welcome, while Sarfaraz was escorted to his home in a high-security protocol. The real party started in his neighborhood as hundreds of fans gathered and paid a warm tribute to our captain. Meanwhile, a disabled fan also showed up at Sarfaraz Ahmed’s residence around 4 am in the morning.

Source: Sarfaraz Ahmed Facebook

The humble captain made this disabled fan’s day with this remarkable gesture!

Watch the video below, you will find the disabled fan’s family surrounding him as they showed at the captain’s door:


SIMPLY WOW! What a humble human being Sarfaraz Ahmed is! I am sure he managed to rise from sleep and greet this fan who came to meet him. In fact, he handed him his own JERSEY! Way to go, Captain! Just when you could not be any prouder of our captain, he manages to do this and once again, wins us all over. Sarfaraz is one of the greatest captains this team has ever had. Such humility is remarkable and he knows what might be of mere importance to him is rather monumental for someone else.

Source: Sarfaraz Ahmed Facebook

We are delighted that our captain has put such a brilliant example for the world to see. He could have chosen to ask the family to come again at an appropriate time or he could just dismiss the meeting. Instead, he chose to make sure this fan of his does not return home disappointed. Indeed he has a big heart!

Well, once again we congratulate the nation and team for winning the Champions Trophy in England. We wish to see our stars notching such spectacular victories again in future and we wish them all the best!

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