A Fan Wanted To Borrow Sarah Khan’s Dress & The Actress’s Response Left Everyone Speechless

Pakistani celebrities sarah khan sabaat miraal fareed

The Pakistani entertainment industry is all about celebrities and their unusual lifestyle. From doing beauty VLogs to catering to fan mail. Stars are always ever-ready to win the hearts of the public and share the love with their fans.

Sarah Khan – the true queen of screens

More than often we also see how celebrities share different stories and tidbits of their lives with us. Sarah Ali Khan is one of the most beautiful faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry of today. She is a 28-year old actress who made her debut back in 2012 in the drama Badi Aapa. Most of the time, she was associated with Agha Ali, whom she had a former relationship with.

Sarah Khan has worked in a lot of projects since then. Her recent drama, Sabaat, where she gives the audience a mind-blowing performance of her character Miraal Fareed is indeed top-notch. Although in the drama, Sabaat, Sarah Khan’s character, Miraal Fareed, may portray a spoilt brat, Sarah Khan in real life is the complete opposite. She is a sweetheart and a completely generous person at heart.

As the pandemic carries on and most of the people are still under lockdown, celebrities have been on and off on social media as they continue to interact and entertain the public. It is through this tactic they allow the people to stay engaged and tackle the situation with a more positive outlook at life. Many celebrities such as Saba Qamar, Faisal Qureshi etc. have been doing different snippets and video logging of their daily routine as well. For instance, Saba Qamar is winning rounds through her witty humor.

However, the recent celebrity who brought smiles on our faces during these tragic times is Sarah Khan. Sarah Khan didn’t create a video log or shared her routine as such, but her small and kind gesture was enough to leave hearts filling up with love and adoration for her.

Pakistani celebrities sarah khan sabaat miraal fareed


How it all happened?

Sarah Khan is always asking for feedback on Instagram about her latest drama, where she is playing the role of Miraal Fareed. More so often, she keeps on sharing different pictures from the photo shoots also. Interestingly, just today, she interacted with her fans and they can ask her a question if they wanted to. Many wrote back to her on her Instagram story and how much they adored her performance. Some fans took this opportunity to compliment and remark her on her extraordinary fashion sense also.

During this entire story, a fan commented that she loved her dress and asked if she could get it. To everyone’s surprise, Sarah Khan replied back:

“Send me your address” 

WOW! If Sarah didn’t manage to win and melt hearts before, this is definitely the moment to swoon over her. We really hope we can see more of Sarah Khan and that she keeps on entertaining and winning us over more than often. Not only are you a fashion inspiration for us but you are just beyond amazing.

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