Sara Taseer’s Offending Tweet About Women Voters Has Enraged So Many Pakistanis

So, yes! We are done with elections and playing our part! Okay, partially maybe. But today, we might get to see the final results. It was VERY clear for everyone that PTI has won. ALMOST! PTI, which was taking care of KPK till now will now be taking care of the country. It was a quick change and pretty much unexpected since in the previous elections, people had same hopes for PTI to win but alas!

This time, it was a hard-hitting truth that PTI will win. Surprisingly, PPP too, along with PML-N, did not get much attention. Change is for good. But so much happened in just one day of elections; It felt like a whole year of activity happened in just ONE DAY!

Memes on Reham Khan, people mocking how to make Imran Khan win as they had to vote Amir Liaqat. People were encouraging each other to go out and vote. Many were seen posting their thumb pictures by using the hashtag #VoteKoIzzatDo. 

Amidst all the good time, Sara Taseer chose to be outright obnoxious!

She tweeted: 

“Love seeing this turnout of women #PakistanElections2018, but then I think would I allow these ladies to make a decision even about what will be cooking in my kitchen today? And these ladies will decide on the future of the nation. Scary thought.”

Later, she deleted the tweet after receiving some verbal war from fellow “woke” Pakistanis



Her super elitist mindset caught everyone by surprise!

Well, treating women like a second-class citizen when done by a “woman” herself is something bothersome

It was bound to create such a roar!

Can’t say much about it

Indeed! Elitism exists in every party!

Oh yes!!!

They are actually the true symbol of eliminating misogyny!

Sara did give some explanation over her notorious tweet but THAT doesn’t really justify it

How what are your thoughts on Sara’s stance?! Have your say in the comments below and let us and other people know. It is okay to mock people for their choice. The women of the tribal area like any other woman of Pakistan has the same right to choose the leader for themselves. Why mock them for their education? Let’s stop being classist!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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