‘Not Normal’ – Sara Ali Khan Admits Her & Brother’s Resemblance To Their Parents Is Unsettling

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The internet is totally blown away by Bollywood star Sara Ali Khan and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan’s striking resemblance to their parents. And we have to agree! Sara looks so much like her mother, the 90’s star Amrita Singh, while Ibrahim is the spitting image of Saif Ali Khan. It is definitely unsettling, and Sara agrees.

In a recent interview, Sara addressed the uncanny similarities and admitted it was “not normal”. She added that this is often a topic of conversation at their home as well.

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Speaking to a leading Indian media outlet, Sara spoke about how the resemblance is often a topic of discussion at their home. “The exact way in which I look like mom and Ibrahim looks like dad is not normal,” the star kid admitted. “We are identical!”

Aisa nahi hai ke humme unki jhalak hai [It is not as if we have glimpses of them]. We literally look like they did back then and that gets people talking I guess,” she emphasized.

Swapped personalities

Sara also revealed that even if she looks like Amrita and Ibrahim looks like Saif, their personalities are swapped. “This is often a topic of conversation at home,” the actor said.

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“Interestingly, Ibrahim is a lot calmer and more composed,” she added. “He looks like my dad, but is a lot like my mom, while I look like mom, but I am a lot like my dad. We talk about how our personalities and faces have been swapped.”

The star kid made her debut with Kedarnath in 2018. Sara is often compared to her Amrita when the latter made her Bollywood debut back in the 80s. On the other hand, 21-year-old Ibrahim is called a ‘younger version of his dad’. Ibrahim looks a lot like Saif when he made his debut at the age of 22 in the early 90s. It is pertinent to note that Amrita and Saif were married in 1991 and got divorced in 2004.

Known for her bubbly and fun-loving nature, Sara is an Instagram sensation often winning hearts with her hilarious videos. She keeps her social media profiles busy with tons of pictures and videos of the places that she keeps visiting.

Previously though, a video ruffled many feathers with what she thought was humorous. The 26-year-old posted a video on Instagram that got viciously criticized as she was seen pushing a female spotter into the swimming pool.

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