A Pakistani Sanitary Worker Dies After Doctors Allegedly Refused To Touch His “Unclean” Body

Another day, another shocking news and another time our people put us to shame with their disappointing conduct. Our society is extremely laden with discrimination among people. We, as a nation are divided into social classes and no wonder how much it sucks to admit, the reality is that your status in our society draws your rights as a citizen. Flip the timeline, you will find countless instances where rights for people were determined according to their social class. It goes back to the mindset. I’m sure, every one of us is conditioned this way and it’s pretty normal to some extent.

Source: Christians in Pakistan News

However, in certain areas social status or any discriminating aspect should not be considered. A great example is health care. Whether it is provided by the free-market or public sector, health care should be equal for everyone. But what happens when medical practitioners absolutely refuse to treat a patient just because they were not brought up in a clean or presentable way?

This Sanitary Worker In Umerkot Was Left To Die After Doctors Refused To Clean His Unwashed Body

Source: Dunya News

The deceased was 30-year old Irfan Masih, who while cleaning a manhole along with 3 other sanitary workers fell unconscious. He is reported to have suffered from extreme levels of suffocation down in the manhole. Shortly after he fell ill, people rushed him to a government hospital. All hell broke loose as the doctors refused to even touch his body, claiming to his family that they should clean him first.

Irfan was drenched in sewage sludge and waste, of course. He was performing his duty when he fell unconscious. He tragically lost his life hours later in the same hospital right before the inhumane doctors.

Source: Samaa TV

Irfan was cleaned by his brother but did not survive as the story took another shocking turn

Source: Samaa TV

The deceased’s brother, Pervez, managed to clean his sick brother’s body. Afterward, the doctors sent an oxygen cylinder. However, the cylinder was found to be empty and it was too late… Before another cylinder with sufficient oxygen could be arranged, Irfan had already passed away. Irfan’s family laid in protest against the hospital’s administration, while there have been reports of police raids and FIRs against the alleged doctors involved.

It’s absolutely appalling how the demise of Irfan Masih came into being. While the alleged doctors’ conduct is beyond sickening. It’s distressing to think where our society prevails. What sort of justice could be promised for a family who just lost a loved one at the hands such barbarism?

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