Sania Mirza Gives A Cracking Response to Someone Who Questioned her for Marrying a Pakistani

Sania Mirza getting married to Shoaib Malik was not just a surprising news, but also a subject startling towards the relationship the two individuals shared, knowing how they belong to the ‘enemy states’.

With the aside, every time the couple would share a picture together, Pakistanis and Indians start talking about their rivalry more than talking about the couple.

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People question the loyalty of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik towards their nation while bringing their relationship.

However, marrying someone outside doesn’t mean you leave your country behind, and something like this can be said for both, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik.

Just Like Most of the Times, Sania Mirza Was Questioned About her Loyalty Towards India

Sania made a tweet regarding the rape of an 8-year-old Indian girl. The downside, aside from the horrible act itself is, how the Hindu nationalists are coming forward to ‘support’ the accused individual.

She Shared How this Matter Requires Strict Accountability

An Indian, On the Other Hand, Started Mentioning How Sania Lost her Right to Speak on Matters Regarding India Only Because She Married A Pakistani

Because she married someone outside her country, does that mean Sania Mirza no longer is an Indian national? She lives in India, she represents India, she plays for India; so does that mean that her marital status concludes she no longer belongs to her country?

Sania Mirza’s Reply to This One Individual Would Give a Shut Up Call To All Those Who Question her Nationality

This one reply was enough to shut people down for a choice of marriage Sania made years ago. People need to let go of such pity concerns while the focus is one the graver concerns that spark debate on humanity; not countries or caste or religion.

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