Husband Guns Down Wife In The Name Of So-Called ‘Honour’ Based Violence

Husband Shoots Wife Dead In The Name Of Honor In Sanghar District

It is a harsh reality that honor killing is a menace that is unfortunately integral to our patriarchal society. It is a sweeping dilemma that continues to prevail.

Another dreadful incident of honor killing recently occurred in Pakistan. A woman by the name of Gulshan Shar living in the Khipro area of Sanghar district got brutally killed in the name of honor.

According to a report by MMNews, the incident occurred in Village Dar Muhammad Shar. Gulshan was shot dead by her husband Juman Shar. The suspect then ran away from the scene after the murder.

In an interview with the local media, Gulshan’s father Mohib said she returns home from Dar-ul-Amaan. After coming home, she was shot dead by her husband. Police reached the scene of the incident. They shifted the body in a rickshaw to Taluqa Hospital in Khipro. After that, they conducted her post-mortem.

A few days ago in an interview with KTN News, Gulshan did express anxiety that she could get murdered by her husband. According to Gulshan, a local feudal had ordered to kill her. However, her father refused and instead sent her to a shelter home.

Gulshan had married Juman two years ago. Together, they have no children.

Social media users condemn the killing of Gulshan Shar

The killing of Gulshan Shar in the name of honor is an appalling incident. Many users on social media have condemned the incident. Her story is now viral on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForGulshanShar.

Below are some of the reactions in the support of the poor woman Gulshan on Twitter.

Understanding the menace of honor killing

When we talk about social issues, the practice of ‘honor killing’ is in the minds of Pakistanis. Killing sisters, mothers, and daughters for the sake of a petty honor in society.

For the sake of minor justification and honor; that may even deprive one of peace and give birth to restlessness for the rest of their life. A few years back, we saw internet sensation, Qandeel Baloch also became a victim of honor killing.

Source: Twitter

It is not the culture or traditions that promote such incidents. The problem is the misogynistic mindset that pushes men to feel superior and kill women’s rights in the wake.

Men in Pakistan have all the rights to criticize Aurat march. However, the same men stay silent over incidents such as honor killing. Instead of being empathetic, they blame the victim.

Source: Twitter

It is high time that the government of Pakistan steps in. The government should should create strict laws that can eradicate the menace of honor killing in Pakistan.

Strong punishments are needed for murders. The next time an ‘honorable’ family member tries to lay his hands on his wife, sister or mother – his soul trembles from within.

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