Sameena Pirzada Leaves Usman Mukhtar Baffled After Asking ‘Inappropriate’ Question

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Samina Pirzada is widely popular for her iconic roles in the entertainment industry. The veteran actress has won a lot of hearts with her acting skills. However, as amazingly mind-blowing her performance might be on the screen in dramas, it seems she lags poorly when it comes to talking shows and interviews. The actress-turned talk show host just made us cringe all over again while interviewing, heartthrob Usman Mukhtar. Here is why!

Recently during an interview with star Usman Mukhtar, Samina Pirzada bombarded Usman with a series of questions about his childhood. From asking about what kind of a child he was to what he liked to do most.

The star was trying to answer each one of them when Pirzada out of nowhere questioned him:

“Was I ever your crush in your childhood?” Samina inquired

Confused and feeling awkward the Usman Mukhtar took a completely different kind of response; something that Samina even didn’t expect.

Guess how the Sabaat star would have responded to the situation. He looked at Samina and with a straight face said, ‘No, I was a little child then”. 

And it seems like the mike just dropped and the wall of fame shattered for Samina. Although, the host managed to tackle the situation with great maturity. The only thing we are concerned and curious about is what is wrong with Miss Pirzada.

It seems the lifetime achievement award winner magically makes it her life mission to make stars feel uncomfortable and cringe on her show. This isn’t the first time, she managed to that either, Samina has made almost every star feel all kinds of anxiety possible on the show.

Twitterati reacts to Samina’s abrupt question

The minute the video went viral Twitterati started to pour in their response. From calling her out on her completely inappropriate question and stance to lauding Usman Mukhtar for his quick thinking and maturity.

From calling the host out, some even took the opportunity to state that how people might have raised voices if this were a situation where there was a 65 year old man and 25 year old woman being interviewed instead of the latter.

Apart from this, most of the Twitterati is completely in love with Usman Muktar’s response like always to the inappropriate question in the most witty way!

People think that not only is the ‘crush’ question creepy and cringe worthy, but it is downright ‘intimidating’ too!

All in all, we hope to see those things tune down soon. In addition, we really, truly hope that Samina Peerzada does her homework and comes up with better and more appropriate questions to ask her guests. Because things sometimes get far too repulsing to be on screen!

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