11 Members Of Same Family Test Positive For COVID-19 In Rawalpindi

COVID-19 rawalpindi

Pakistan like other countries is said to face a hike in the COVID-19 graph in the coming days as more corona patients land in hospitals. Recently, 13 members of the same family were brought to the hospital in Rawalpindi out of which 11 members tested positive for COVID-19.

Hamza who belongs to Rawalpindi posted on his Twitter a day ago that 13 members of his family were tested for coronavirus on Friday. This was because on Tuesday his Uncle, who was staying in the same house as the other 13 members, was confirmed to have the illness.

On Saturday night, the family got the reports and only 2 were COVID-19 positive.

A case of local transmission of COVID-19 in Rawalpindi

However, this wasn’t the final report. Their whole family was shaken to the core when they were contacted again Sunday morning and were told that the reports were mistaken yesterday. As per the correct report, 10 out of those 13 members turned out to be positive so they were instantly shifted to the hospital.

His uncle originally belongs to Karachi but had been staying in Rawalpindi for the past couple of days. It is yet unknown whether he caught the virus after arriving at Rawalpindi or caught it on his way from Karachi. So, Hamza informs that most likely all the people he visited in the recent past will be tested too including his own house.

He requests for prayers for his family because it is anticipated that the number might rise soon after the tests of the rest of the family. Also, his sister has already been feeling sick so she was tested earlier and her reports will arrive on Monday.

The government has been urging people to practice self-quarantine because merely one individual can do so much harm by not staying at home and transmitting the virus on to others.

1495 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan

The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has been surging up as more new cases have been surfacing.

Up till now, 557 cases have been discovered in Punjab which is the highest in all Pakistan. 39 in Islamabad, 469 in Sindh, 133 in Balochistan, 188 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 107 in Gilgit-Baltistan and two cases in Azad Kashmir.

The death rate is still under control as 25 patients have recovered from the virus. There have been only 12 reported deaths so far.

Chinese Health Experts Arrive In Pakistan

A Chinese Health Expert team of eight individuals has arrived in Islamabad. They will be assessing Pakistan’s preventive measures against Corona and will stay in the country for two weeks.

China Pakistan Covid-19

“China once again has shown to the world that they are friends of Pakistan, they care for us and we stand together in difficult times. We thank the Government of China for sending a team of medical experts and relief assistance including test kits, masks, ventilators, protective suits and support to build an isolation hospital,” informs Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

“I was in China to express my solidarity with the Chinese people and today I’m here to receive the medical team. We are grateful, this is a unique relationship. And such times tell us how close we are to each other,” he added.

The flight from Xinjiang also brought 50,000 masks to Pakistan for the Federal and Sindh government. Moreover, China has donated 12,000 test kits, 300,000 masks, 10,000 protective suits, and US $4m so far to Pakistan.

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