An Editorial Blunder: Social Media Lashes Out At SAMAA For Spreading Fake News About PM Khan

samaa fake news

Pakistanis don’t often show any mercy to those who try to mislead them. Since the terrifying rise of social media in the country, it can change lives for good and bad as well.

One of Pakistan’s leading news channels, Samaa TV, tried to garner some attention by posting a piece of fake news on Twitter. However, it backfired very quickly.

They posted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s pictures visiting Nathiagali Gali, Abbottabad on Eid. Later, after facing strong backlash from the PM house, a Samaa Editor realised her mistake (call it blunder) and had to delete the tweet. The pictures were from the year 2017 when PM Khan had visited the region.

People are now calling out the ‘prestigious’ news channel for misleading information.

Samaa TV often faces similar backlash for false stories, which now serve as an editorial nightmare. It seems like they have no internal control and verification has become a huge issue for the media outlet’s digital team.

Instead of serving personal agendas in the guise of ‘ethical journalism’, we hope Samaa TV’s digital team can learn from this in a positive manner.

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