2024 Predictions: Salomé, Nostradamus, and the Mystery of What’s to Come

2024 Predictions Salomé, Nostradamus, and the Mystery of What's to Come

As the New Year begins, people who claim to be able to see into the future are sharing their predictions for 2024. One of these forecasters, Athos Salomé, also known as the modern Nostradamus,’ has already had one of his predictions come true, raising the question of whether he is onto something.

Salomé has a history of making big predictions, like knowing about the COVID-19 pandemic before it hit, the Russian-Ukraine conflict, and even the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Now, he’s got people talking about what he says will happen next—a spooky event called ‘three days of darkness’ caused by a big solar eclipse in April.

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But it’s not just Salomé; the famous Nostradamus is also in the mix. People still look to his old prophecies, and with one already coming true this year, it’s got everyone wondering what else might be in store.

Then there’s The Simpsons, the cartoon show known for predicting real-life events. From politics to new inventions, they’ve got a knack for guessing what’s coming next, and their 2024 predictions are no different.

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So, as we move into the new year, it seems like everyone’s got their eyes peeled for what might happen next. Whether it’s listening to Salomé’s warnings, decoding Nostradamus’ riddles, or just having a laugh with The Simpsons, one thing’s for sure: 2024 is shaping up to be quite the adventure.


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