Salman Khan Did Not Hesitate While Talking About India-Pakistan Rivalry But Got Schooled Instead!

Due to the recent surgical strikes, the tensions between Indian and Pakistan remain extremely high. Both countries were on the verge of declaring a war, had the situation not have calmed down. During that time, a number of Indian entertainers supported the decision of nailing down the neighbors. Amidst the rising tensions, Salman Khan was the one actor who, as always, nullified the decision of going to war with India.

The actor never shies away from saying ‘controversial’ remarks regardless of how they may backfire.

In his recent interview during the promotion of his upcoming Tubelight, based on China-India war, Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan were asked about the tensions between India and Pakistan.

“Those who order wars should be sent to the forefront and be told that you fight first. Their hands and feet will tremble. The war will be over in a day. Then they will sit across the table and talk. All discussions can be solved across the table. It’s a negative emotion.”

Here’s The Video of the Interview:

While Bhai might have won our hearts all over again, Shiv Sena, yet again mocked Salman Khan for the positive words he spoke. “The way he has said this is really objectionable. Who doesn’t want peace? Why does he always cross his boundaries?“ On the other hand, Congressman Sanjay Jha said, “Salman Khan’s statement batting for peace between India and Pakistan was a sane, sensitive and mature one”.

Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan also stated how there is nothing wrong in what the actor said. “This is what every great person in history has said .. war is not a sensible thing.”

This wasn’t the first time Shiv Sena schooled Salman Khan on his positive remarks. The MP had also told Salman Khan to “migrate to Pakistan” if he feels so attached to the arch rival.

There are many senior actors who, given their age and experience, promote hatred between the two countries. Public figures such Salman Khan need to come forward to eradicate hatred as it has nothing to do with anything such as entertainment, sports and such.

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