Salman Ahmed Calls The Death of Pakistanis In the Terrorist Attacks a ‘Qurbani’ and Well…

While the news channels continue focusing on the departure, the arrival and the arrest of father-daughter duo Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, it completely overshadows the horrible events which have taken over the country in the recent days. In 3 days, over 120 Pakistanis have died in these suicide attacks no one seems to be talking about.

People In Lahore Were More Worried About ‘Welcoming’ Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz

No One Seems To Be Talking About This

No news channel covered the horrible events in Balochistan. Is this fair media speech?

It Indeed Is!

This Has Been the State of Pakistan From the Past 3 Days

Yet no one was talking about it the way news channels were talking about the flight details of Nawaz Sharif. Sheds light on the priorities.

On the Other Hand, PM Candidate Imran Khan Subtly Pinned this On Nawaz Sharif

While it seems clear how these are targeted acts of terrorism, Imran Khan begs to differ and stirs a controversy among the masses.

Following the Leader, Salman Ahmed Believes that People Who Died in these Suicide Attacks are Offering ‘Qurbani’

In a tweet he made, Salman Ahmed wrote the lyrics of his song and called the deaths of the Pakistanis a Qurbani while seeking azaadi.

And He Tried to Justify his Tweet Even More

And More…

One wonders what was Salman Ahmed even thinking when he wrote this. It obviously received a lot of backlash from the masses.



Qurbani happens when people are willing to give their lives for a cause, for a fight. The people in Balochistan weren’t aware of what was going to happen to them…to their loved ones. Guess Salman Ahmed doesn’t know the difference between this.

One has to worry about the future of this country in terms of the future, in terms who we elect because this mentality is definitely not something we need.

God bless Pakistan.

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