Salman Ahmed and Shahbaz Taseer’s Twitter Feud Has Totally Gone Wrong and Please Grab Some Pop Corn!

Shahbaz Taseer and Salman Ahmed have interesting Twitter profiles. You would find both of these men passing interesting remarks about a number of things. Would you ever believe both of them to be in a Twitter feud with each other over anything?

Here’s a glimpse of what Salman Ahmed on Twitter appears to be like

That’s not all.

Here is what Salman Ahmed shared:

Such a tweet would trigger pro-PPP people on Twitter and certain ones managed to call out Salman over it.

What what whaaaat?

So, Shehryar Taseer just compared Salman Ahmed with Britney Spears. Oh my, God, that is so hard to imagine fam.

Salman just refused to accept that he’s Britney Spears!

Oh, hahahaha!

And then, Shahbaz Taseer jumped in and made things even more entertaining!

Oh boy, “sugar daddy”!

Somebody grab pop corn…

It continueeeees


Salman’s comeback was heavy…

He’s seriously not coming short of replies here

He is so confidently sure about everything here

Not every day do you come across Shahbaz Taseer and Salman Ahmed fighting on Twitter. One which apparently involves Shehryar Taseer as well. But that one was not so heightened. As soon as Shahbaz stepped into the game, things got freaky.

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