The Story Of How A Young Man From An Unpriveleged Background Cleared Pakistan’s Toughest CSS Exams!

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Meet Sayed Saleem Shah of 44th CTP

I come from a place which most of you may not have even heard of. I hail from Agro Rahu, New Saeedabad, an obscure town in District Matiari, Sindh and my journey to CSA hasn’t been easy.

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I got married at the age of 18 years. It was difficult to prepare for the exams being married with three kids. The difficulties compounded because of meagre resources. I was a Junior School teacher in my village and my salary was abysmally low.

It was very difficult for me to manage the affairs of the house as well as bear the burden of books and preparation. So much so that I couldn’t afford to come to Lahore for CSS preparation due to financial issues. Regardless, I started preparation at my home after completion of MBA in 2011. Lots of people ridiculed me for my audacity to dream big and even think about CSS.

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Nevertheless, my father and my spouse stood like a rock beside me. They were very encouraging. And At last Allah Almighty gave me my reward and I qualified CSS. I was allocated Police Services of Pakistan and became the first one from my area to do so after a gap of 27 years.

I’m sure my mother is looking at me from heaven, smiling a content smile. And down here, I smile too when I realize that I’m at CSA as perhaps the most unlikely probationer.

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