Sale At Sapphire Wreaks Havoc Again As Women Wait In Long Lines To Avail Discounts!

Remember how we recently boycotted fruits walay because of the increase in the rates by the margin of 100 to 200rs? Well, we wouldn’t think twice when we are willing to spend 8000rs on a lawn ka suit for this year’s Eid now, would we?

Eid is right around the corner and shopping for it is on a full swing! Moreover, a lot of brands are now offering amazing sales just before Eid. Although it is entertaining to see people fight over a simple, lawn kurti at a sale, it’s really intimidating to realize that women are giving up time with their families just so they can get a 10% off on some kurti. *Reality check, ladies*

Sales have now become a complete war zone; especially when it comes to certain outlets. You might have heard such incidents where these crazy sales have led to complete insanity and we’re talking about doors being broken, cat fights and God forbid what not, these are just a few, to begin with!

Recently, the famous store, Sapphire, which is loved by a majority of the women in Pakistan, announced a sale and of course, the ladies simply couldn’t miss it. “Why would they, in the first place?” Seems like Sapphire had a sale for, ‘Everything is free. Loot lo”! Let’s not forget, how these women manage to stand in such long queues!! My goodness!

Don’t believe in what we’re saying? See for yourself in the video below:

Hats off to the women standing in the check-out queue for God knows how many hours… They must’ve taken a good dose of glucose or brought it along with them so they could wait in Ramadan! HAHA!  Don’t you guys feel the anxiety building up just by watching these ladies wait? I feel tired already!

The women here never fail to amaze me and this is now happening a little too often, during sales! What are your thoughts about this? I’d rather go online shopping than to get shoved by the.  How many of you rush to sales and make the most out of them?

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