Are Punjab Doctors’ Salaries Being Deducted For CM COVID-19 Fund Without Consent?

A Punjab Doctor's Salary Deducted For COVID-19 Fund Without Consent

The fact can’t be denied that coronavirus has devastated the lives of humans across the globe. To combat this pandemic, doctors are standing in the frontline and are doing their best to protect us. With the war waging against the novel coronavirus, these doctors have sacrificed everything to save people.

Even in Pakistan, doctors are at the frontline treating the rising number of victims. They are placing their lives at risk in isolation units and wards. However, there have been few instances during the COVID-19 pandemic where the government instead of helping these frontline warriors is making their life even more miserable.

One such incident recently occurred in a local hospital in Okara, Punjab where a doctor’s salary was deducted without his consent. Dr. Osama working in the COVID-19 ward in one of Okara’s local hospitals recently said on Twitter that his salary was deducted for CM COVID-19 FUND without any prior notice.

Source: ARY News

The doctor tweeted, “Received my salary today with two days salary deducted for CM COVID-19 FUND. At the time when doctors are fighting at the frontline with inadequate protective gear, instead of giving risk allowance and insurance, this is how the government pays homage to us.”

Individuals on Twitter also supported Osama’s concern.

Government unable to provide safety gears for doctors

It is sad to note that doctors in Pakistan are experiencing a torrid time during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, being underpaid is not the only problem that these doctors are facing. The Young Doctors Association (YDA) in Pakistan has expressed its concern for lack of basic facilities to combat COVID-19.

Source: Dawn

In March, The YDA in Balochistan highlighted a lack of safety gears for doctors for treating patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, The YDA in Lahore held overnight hunger strike camp outside the office of secretary Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education (SCH&ME). The reason for the strike was that the Punjab government was unable to provide protective gear to these healthcare professionals working at isolation wards for treating the province’s COVID-19 patients.

During this pandemic, doctors work long hour shifts. Moreover, they are constantly wearing the same COVID-19 masks and not having any time to eat or drink anything. With the lack of necessary equipment available, the situation related to monetary compensation is not ideal for doctors. The doctors in Pakistan are doing their absolute best. Even after such sacrifices, the doctors don’t get fully compensated. This clearly points to the incompetence of our government in handling issues like these.


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