For The First Time In History, PM Imran Khan And His Cabinet Will Reduce Their Salaries By 10%!

For The First Time In History, PM Imran Khan And His Cabinet Will Reduce Their Salaries By 10%!

Allocating a proper budget according to the state’s benefit is one huge responsibility for the ruling bodies. The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf government recently released its first fiscal year federal budget for 2019-20 after holding the drowning canoe of Pakistan. Opposition being the cry baby as always couldn’t pull off any barricaded strings for the Imran Khan lead political formation.

On Tuesday, Hammad Azhar who was appointed as the State Minister for Revenue presented the awaited budget for 2019-20. An increase in salaries of government officials was seen in every budget and that too with a high percentage but it was not the case this year. The ‘Naya Pakistan’ ranting PTI showed off a glimpse of its development process as there is no hike in salaries of PM Imran Khan and President Dr. Arif Alvi. The decision was taken with both the state representatives consent though they were already getting paid a little for their extreme efforts.

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Budget for the fiscal year 2019-20 was recently presented!

Before the budget was presented, Hammad Azhar praised PTI’s development and called it ‘voluntary’ and ‘historic’. However, the budget speech started off with a 10 percent cut in the salaries of Prime Minister’s Cabinet members. As salaries of the public servants and state muhafiz (Pakistan Armed Forces) of Grade 1 to 16 got an increase of 10 percent in their salaries while there has been no increase in salaries of civil servants sitting at Grade 21 and 22.

Proceeding further with the basic pay scale, Azhar stated that government employees from Grade 1 to 16 will be provided with a 10 percent ad hoc relief and a 5 percent ad hoc relief for government employees from Grade 17 to 20. The pensioners will also be allocated with a 10 percent ad hoc relief by the government. The ad hoc relief decisions were merely based upon the basic pay scales from the year 2017.

Finance Division spokesperson talking to the media!

According to Dr. Hassan Khaqan Najeeb, a spokesperson for Finance Division the budget mainly focuses on the stability of the country’s economy and to create more jobs by undertaking projects and to provide economic encouragement for better development of the country.

Furthermore, the basic salaries feud that was running from quite some time was also resolved. The government has now set the basic wages criteria to Rs.17,500 while the pensions were also revised with a hike of 10 percent. After the budget was released, the opposing political parties were not in favor and there was chaos created to which PM Imran Khan had a really epic response. Check it out below!

PM Imran Khan trolling the opposition’s protest with Orchestra!

Imran Khan playing Orchestra infront of opposition's protest!Hahahah Legend.

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