Salam Planet – A New Groundbreaking App That Helps Manage Any Event!

In a fast-paced world, having a reliable and cost-effective way to involve people in an event with a specific niche is a “must”. Wouldn’t it be better, if businesses and organizers could have a hassle-free process of taking care of their events?

This is where Omair Khan comes in, the CEO of Salam Planet. We asked him what we would expect from his “Salam Tickets” feature. Having personal experience being an event organizer, it was immensely difficult for him to find a platform where he could target the Muslim audience in Denmark, to help boost his motif of the event. He stated, “Even if you put a hundred percent of your effort to arrange an event and you are unable to advertise it well to the target audience, the whole work goes in vain.”

Omair Khan took it upon himself and his devoted team to take the initiative and to design a platform to save people from the hassle of spending a lot of money at different places while connecting the platform to attract the Muslim audience.

Omair Khan-CEO Salam Planet

Event organizers looking for international Muslim audience or smaller businesses with a little social reach, this becomes a major roadblock. This is where Salam Planet swoops in with a hassle-free solution where you, as an organizer, can market your event as well as, sell your tickets to the right audience.

“For Pakistan, this brings in a unique perspective where the organizer has all the functionalities in one portal and under their control, creating events, selling tickets, scanning tickets, creating discounts, checking footfall, tracking revenue and calculating success- All in Salam Tickets”. – Omair Khan

Salam Planet also believes in its corporate social responsibility and promotes a paperless environment by offering E-tickets for all of its events which can be scanned directly from the app.

Considering that it is a Salam Planet “Muslim Lifestyle and Marketplace App” and more than 18 Billion of the world population is Muslim, this is a relatively large market. If you have a similar community all in one place, it gets easier to establish a “Wild Fire effect” and gather people relating to the same interest.

Rauf Mirza, Co-Founder/Director of the Muslim Lifestyle Expo, Manchester, users of the Salam Ticket booking for UK’s leading Muslim lifestyle event in the UK, here is what he had to say:

”Salam Tickets has helped us organize our ticket sales process smoothly, efficiently & and with no hassle over the past 2 years. The Salam Planet portal functionality has made booking tickets simpler for our visitors and the platform is very easy to use. It has made it very easy for organizers like us to create an account, check our event status, tickets sold and revenue generated, and measure other performance metrics. The app has delivered some fantastic results and we look forward to our long-term partnership with Salam Planet in 2020.”

Rauf Mirza, Organizer of Muslim Lifestyle Expo, Manchester

The ability to look for all the available events under one roof with information pertaining to the current users has become a necessity and not just for the sake of user experience. Salam Planet has been designed and developed to cater to this basic needs of the users and the response from ticket buyers and audience has been spectacular. We have made a variety of events available for users catering to different personas whether they be concerts, music and food festival or conferences and talks. We are giving a much-needed convenience to our audiences to be a part of all local and international events with simplicity and elegance like never before.

Whether you are a Foodie looking for a new experience in Lahore EAT, an opportunist looking for the next big thing in Dubai2020 or an Adventurer looking to trek the Australian Outback – just search for the event of your liking and get a chance to “meet & greet”, be around like-minded people and be a part of something bigger.

Salam Planet is doing a great job by becoming a one-stop for any Muslim lifestyle-related events or gatherings. This has revolutionized the Muslim event industry and hopes to go to the next level as a platform. You can check out the latest local and international events near you simply by visiting the website.

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