Salahuddin’s Father Forgave The Policemen At A Mosque In Gujranwala!

Salahuddin's father pardons policemen

Salahuddin’s death highlighted an underlying issue that was being overlooked for so long within the country; that is police brutality. The mentally disabled man’s cold-blooded murder under police custody revealed horrific details. The kind that exposed the true face of our law enforcing personnel.

After this sad incident, several secretly shot footages started to make rounds on social media. These videos showed the vicious behavior of some of the men in uniforms towards the general public; the people they swore to protect.

Unfortunately, with all the voices raised on social platforms and on the ground against the policemen who brutally killed Salahuddin were in vain. Justice is an extravagance not affordable by the poor of this country. The entire country chanted for justice to be served and for the law enforcement agencies to be reformed, but the recent development to Salahuddin’s case breaks everyone’s spirits.

Salahuddin's Death

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Salahuddin’s father pardons the policemen who killed his mentally-disabled son!

Afzal pardoned the policemen at a mosque in Gujranwala for the sake of Allah SWT. No parent can bear the loss of their child and the video footage of Afzal crying at the sight of Salahuddin’s dead body is heart-wrenching. The question still stands that did Afzal Sahab really opened up his heart even after such grave tragedy that even the entire nation couldn’t bear, to forgive them just like that?

Salahuddin's Father

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According to the sources, some local political personalities ‘convinced’ Afzal to pardon the policemen in the name of Allah SWT. That very well could be the case, as it is a common practice of the power and the unjust.

Salahuddin's Father


The additional deputy commissioner (ADC) for revenue, Zeeshan Hanif was also present at the mosque when the distraught father pardoned the police officers. Furthermore, in return for the pardon, Salahuddin’s family asked the government to establish a few places in their village Gorali; a school and gas network including rebuilding a link road.

Salahuddin’s CCTV footage of him making tongue-out faces at the camera whilst breaking into an ATM machine went viral. His arrest started a series of shocking revelations that clearly showed police as the real villain; the same men that are the ‘Muhafiz’ of this nation!

If we keep on pardoning the evil, the wicked system will continue to serve the same fate Salahuddin suffered. Hopefully, the incumbent government will take corrective measures and slowly but steadily, Pakistan will reach its glory.

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