3-Year-Old Salaar From Karachi Needs Your Prayers To Recover From Coronavirus

3-Year-Old Salaar Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has jolted the whole world and its effects are not only limited to humans but businesses as well. Since its initial outbreak, the deadly virus has taken thousands and thousands of innocent lives throughout the world.

Among other countries, Pakistan is also facing the attack of the deadly virus and has lost over 500 people to it till now. Earlier, this week, the government has even decided to ease the imposed lockdown, step by step to overcome the economic loss. Well, not leaving anyone, the brutal coronavirus has now made another small child it’s victim and prayers are needed.

A 3-year-old kid from Karachi tests positive for coronavirus

Undoubtedly, over time, social media has become the prime source of learning and has quite an impact on the masses. Scrolling through the feed, we find many heart-wrenching stories of people from around the world. At times, we even want and try to help the other because humanity is still alive, it just needs to be found.

Please everyone pray for my son, Salaar Sherzad Covid-19 detected. He is just 3 years old. After 15 Days, another test is conducted and he is still CoViD-19 positive and have mild symptoms (Fever and fatique). Do not want to share this video but have to share this for precious prayers and for those ppl who are saying covid-19 is just a drama. .https://youtu.be/FfC_xwpkRcI

Gepostet von Samiah Ejaz am Dienstag, 5. Mai 2020

Well, currently, an adorable video of a 3-year-old kid Salaar Sherzad playing is surfacing on social media but that’s not the case. As per his mother’s description, poor Salaar has tested positive for coronavirus 15 days back. The 3-year-old boy belongs to Karachi and is under isolation at a local hospital getting treatment.

The mother appealing for prayers

After being under isolation for more than two weeks, the doctors took another test for coronavirus. Unfortunately, once again, the results came positive and now Salaar’s mother is in sheer worry of her child. With a cute video attached, she is now appealing to everyone to please pray for his son’s fast recovery as the symptoms are still there.

3-Year-Old Salaar Coronavirus

Source: Facebook

For further authentification, she has even made a YouTube channel by the name Salaar Sherzad with the same agenda. Indeed, no one can fight fate but can always support and pray for each other at times of need. Hopefully, the little champion Salaar will get out of this situation soon and his mother will find peace again.

Well, it might sound harsh but we all know that it won’t be the last case and it is not going to end anytime soon. Recently, the brutal virus even took the life of the first police official from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). He was an integral part of the Bomb Disposal Squad in Nowshera and contracted coronavirus while performing his daily duties.

What do you think of the story? Let’s all pray for the recovery of Salaar Sherzad!

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