Sajjad Ali's Badass Response To Comparison With Momina

Sajjad Ali’s Badass Response To Comparison With Momina Reminds Us Why He’s Still The Boss

There are fails, there are bad fails and then there are epic fails. We all know what kind of a reputation and stature the legend Sajjad Ali holds in our hearts. He is one of the few artists to grace our childhood and we still cannot get over his legendary tracks. He is simply one of the best and we boast our music industry with certain names that actually includes Sajjad Ali.

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When it comes to comparing Sajjad Ali with our artists, only the best and the best who have given plenty of years in the service and have replete records to their name, come forward. On the other hand, there are emerging artists and newbies who have quite made a name for themselves. Absolutely not doubting their abilities; some of them are really talented and destined to the top flight. However, can you compare the legends with the newbies of today?

So, Sajjad Ali was compared to none other than Momina Mustehsan and as you guessed it, it massively backfired…

Sajjad Ali came to the scene and hell broke loooose!

With all due respect, Momina is talented and has graced our music industry. Her surreal rise to popularity speaks for it. People are not just ready to hold Momina in the same regard as legends like Sajjad Ali. Certainly, she has a long way to go…

People simply agreed with Sajjad Ali

Momina joined the bandwagon and dropped another bombshell

So, a comparison to Momina Mustehsan indeed saw a bumpy ride there. All the respect to both artists for their great work. What do you guys think about comparing Sajjad’s version with that of Momina?

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