Perfect Selection! Sajal Aly As Umrao Jaan To Star In Adaptation’s Eight-Part Series

Sajal Aly As Umrao Jaan

Sajal Aly is set to play the iconic role in the history of art “Umrao Jaan”. It’s going to be the lifetime project of her life undoubtedly and she’s the perfect choice for the role.

The project is going to be a Pakistani adaptation of the popular novel Umrao Jaan Ada. It’s Urdu classic literature penned by Mirza Hadi Ruswa in 1899 and portrayed the 19th era of India.

Sajal Aly as Umrao Jaan
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The story is a cult classic, whenever its adaptation revives people get excited to witness Indian culture, society, and the lives of courtesans.

Sajal Aly As Umrao Jaan –  Perfect Selection

People have witnessed several adaptations of Umrao Jaan, but this time it’s going to be led by producer Hamid Hussain. “I can’t reveal much at this point but yes, we are working on an Umrao Jaan Ada adaptation with Sajal in the lead role”.

He added that, unlike previous offerings, Aly’s Umrao Jaan is an eight-part series instead of a film. “It’s going to be an eight-part series and not a film.

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We are working on a two female lead cast for this series and Sajal is one of them.”

Hussain claimed that the narrative would be different like never seen before. “Since it’s not a three-hour film but a series, we have more leeway to work better on the characters and build the story in a more refined manner.”

Why Sajal Aly?

On explaining why Sajal Aly is the perfect choice to essay Umrao Jaan, Hussain said, “It’s an old-school romantic drama, and Sajal has that perfect look. She was the apt choice to nail the regality and elegance required for someone to be cast in Umrao Jaan.”

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Unlike other adaptations, this one would heavily rely on the Urdu novel Hussain said. “heavily on the original Urdu version of the novel, unlike the film adaptations that had taken creative liberties to fit the story into a film narrative,” adding, “there is a lot in the novel that has never been shown in an audio-visual project.”

Sajal Aly last year had heartbreak when she announced her separation from Ahad Raza and blew fans’ minds.

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