This Pakistani Girl’s Question, “If We Are All Saints, Who’s The Sinner?” Has Left Everyone Speechless!

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Are we good or bad?

The moment my mind wanders, I find myself absorbed. Frequently finding answers to some strange questions. Last night, I came up with another perplexing question: who is the bad one here? Or are we all good? And, if this world really is full of Saints then why is it full of such varied complexities? Why are we all messed up and hollow? And, if, we are all cruel, why do feelings like love and care play a major role in every individual’s life?  The very individual that is a blessing in one’s life is, nonetheless, a curse in others’. A person that brings joy in someone’s life, brings pessimism in another’s.

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According to me, human beings come with varying percentages of good and bad. It’s purely on us, which direction we shift our focus to. Hence, we become what we focus on. It is like knowledge, the more you spread, the more you learn. Similarly, the better you treat, the better you get treated.

I’m pretty sure most of us won’t agree with this phrase considering all the experiences we’ve come across. But, facts are facts. When you give without the intentions of getting back, you are, inexplicably overwhelmed. Whereas when you keep expecting, and things don’t turn out your way, you’re disappointed. Often to an extent where you give up doing good, even to those who deserve all of it.

As a result, the feeling of disappointment, “why me”, negativity, an increase in the bad percentage and decrease in the good. This keeps repeating and turns them into a person whose sole focus is to make someone feel the exact same way they did, to make them suffer as they did and to make sure they regret and turn from a good person to a bad, just like them. And this turns even the most humane humans into inhumane monsters.

The amount might vary, but deep down we are all hurting someone, ignoring someone, belittling someone or laughing at someone. What if I tell you that you’re that someone in someone else’s life? How would that make you feel?

Don’t follow the trend; it’ll never make you better.

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Don’t walk their walk and give what you get. Give only what you want to get. Make someone feel the way you’d want to be felt.
Don’t fear appreciating people; applaud them when it’s required. Set your own trends and make a beautiful difference, not just in your life, but in everyone else’s.

Do your best and leave the rest! Be honest with yourself, loyal to the world and have blind faith in your Lord. It is then, when you’ll see, how things will work out eventually.

Smile and spread smiles!

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