Sahir Lodhi’s Show Faces A Penalty Of Rs. 10 Lac By PEMRA For Airing Inappropriate Content

The morning show of every channel is the first thing that pops up on our screens as soon as we turn on the TV at the beginning of our day. The content of these morning shows is becoming bizarre each passing day. Cooking competitions, bridal make-up tutorials, fashion shows, gharelu jhagrhey, you can see each and everything on these shows.

Many of our morning show’s hosts have faced trouble for showing inappropriate content on their shows, may it be Nadia Khan, Shaista Lodhi or Maya Khan. This time around Sahir Lodhi is topping the hit list.

Source: Hip In Pakistan

About two months back, Sahir Lodhi on his morning show, “Aap ka Sahir” performed inappropriate dance moves with a young female contestant that wasn’t appreciated by the viewers. PEMRA had been receiving a number of complaints against Sahir Lodhi for the unethical content of his show, however, this time PEMRA took an action. Here is the video which was found objectionable:

Sahir Lodhi show ban by viralboxx

As per PEMRA’s earlier report, the show had violated PEMRA Ordinance 2002 and had to confront one of these three punishments:

  1. In accordance with Section 27 the show would be banned.
  2. The channel would have to pay a penalty of 10 lac rupees in accordance with Section 29.
  3. The channel i.e. TV ONE’s license would be canceled according to Section 30.

Two days back, PEMRA issued a notice against tha channel, TV ONE, finalizing the punishment of paying a penalty of Rs. 10 lac.

It was a close call for the show makers and Sahir Lodhi himself. Hopefully, this would be a wake-up call for them to be extra careful about the content they put forward. What do you think of this action taken by PEMRA against Sahir Lodhi’s show? Was it fair enough? Let us know through your comments.


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