Sahir Lodhi Showed His VERY Aggressive Side To The Haters And People Couldn’t Get Enough Of It

Victim of mockery which is often done on social media, it is no surprise to see Sahir Lodhi being dragged to the most hilarious and, sometimes, super mean hell holes of the social media. While the entertainment fanatics know how he is taken as Pakistani SRK *coughs*, this time, Sahir is targeted for something else – his debut Pakistani film Raasta.

Predominantly, the film didn’t do well on the box office. While this was enough of a blow for Sahir, a few comments made by Pakistanis made him even more furious. Well, just these TWO comments.


Sahir Lodhi came across these two comments made on social media regarding his film and regarding his fans and oh boy, the actor didn’t take it well. Basically, Sahir tried to speak on how elitists try to judge people and ‘label’ them as per their own likelihood:

As soon as Sahir’s conference was released, folks on social media shared their very valuable (edit: hilarious and mean) remarks:

Sahir Bhai, You Have A Fan Here

Woahhhh There!




And Well, This Is My Favvv!

In all seriousness though, given how his image is perceived by Pakistanis, Sahir Lodhi should’ve expected such criticism anyway. Besides, these two comments mean nothing in front of his amazing and original performance…

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