Sahir Lodhi Leaves Pakistanis in Shock after Making Little Girls Dance on Inappropriate Songs

Pakistani morning shows have proven to be useless and absolutely a waste of time. What good does one get from watching such shows where you see nothing but women and men dancing in fancy attires and discussing things that make absolutely no sense at all?

Plus, ever seen these hosts ridiculing people, passing comments and judging them, sitting on the stage in front of so many cameras? Not just that but calling other celebrities to their show and asking them awkward/personal questions, live just for the mere sake of TRP? How does one get over this fact?

We recently came across a show that Sahir Lodhi is currently hosting “Aap Ka Sahir Dance Competiton Season 2″. The show is a dance competition where young boys and girls are seen participating and dance to Bollywood songs. Not just any Bollywood song, but item songs. The song selection of this competition is what is driving everyone nuts and truly appalling to see young girls dancing to such songs!

Here’s one of the many videos:

Not just young girls, but young boys were also part of this

Pakistanis were outraged after these videos had gone viral and couldn’t hold back their thoughts. Adapting different cultures and bringing them to our television screens is something that we certainly don’t want to see. Item songs are already debatable topic where female objectification is clearly seen. And seeing this here is totally unacceptable!

Here’s what some Pakistanis had to say:


And some more…


This isn’t the first time that a thing like this has happened, in fact, this has now become a very ordinary thing. Morning shows are nothing but a disgrace, now. Is this what we want our younger generation to see? Is this what we want our kids to take inspiration from?

What are our thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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