‘I Always Wanted Sons’ – Sahiba Afzal Shares Her Views On Not Having A Daughter

Sahiba Afzal views daughter

Daughters are angels, god’s gift and so many phrases are used to praise such beautiful souls. But in a nation like Pakistan where women’s respect and dignity have always been questioned that made parents mostly pray to have a boy rather than a girl.

Something similar took place in a recent episode of Good Morning Pakistan with host Nida Yasir when Pakistani film actor Sahiba Afzal made an appearance with her husband, fellow actor Afzal Khan, better known as Rambo John, and their two sons Ahsan and Zain.

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Sahiba Afzal put some detailed light on the difficulty of being a woman and expressed her views on how she is thankful for the fact that she has no daughter.

It all came out in a segment when fans sent in questions for the guests and then with the question she spread out her opinion about it.

Sahiba Afzal is thankful for not having a daughter

Sahiba Afzal is one of the finest actors in our film industry with numerous films that made a big mark at the box office. She was asked whether she wishes she had a daughter. To this, the actor responded, “I always wanted sons.

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I am thankful for the fact that God did not give me a daughter in this day and age, because daughters face too much pressure. Their whole lives they never get their way.

First, it’s the parents’ pressure, then it’s the husband’s pressure. She has no will of her own. Girls don’t have a life of their own.”

She added later on, “I feel that boys can get their way. I wish I was a boy.” Her husband, however, had a different take on the matter, reflecting on his desire for a daughter. “I feel it. When my sons come in and meet my wife at night and then leave. I tell them, ‘Son, I am your father as well.

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It’s my wallet.’ I look at Shaan and his daughters and how they’re always around him. They love him so much. Saud doesn’t breathe without his daughter.”

Sahiba Afzal if you don’t know, she’s a star kid of Nisho Begum who is one of the most prominent Pakistani actresses who worked in the golden era of the industry.

‘I was married by 19’ – Sahiba Afzal

Another question highlighted her looks, a fan asked her about enduring good looks, and Sahiba shared that it was simply because she is still relatively young, despite her having adult children.

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Highlighting how she was married at a young age, she explained, “The trend nowadays is that, until a girl doesn’t become a woman, as in she doesn’t turn 30 to 35, she doesn’t get married. I was married by 19, and I became a mother at 20 as well. When I reach that age, my looks will get affected.”

Fans even asked her what kind of women she would like to see as wives for her sons, the actor shared candidly, “I would want Ahsan to marry a tall, fair and slim girl. For Zain, she should be very sweet, just like him. I wouldn’t want her to bother my son. I won’t tolerate it.”

Her husband then as usual in his style interjected, “Imagine what a dangerous mother-in-law she will make. God have mercy.”

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