Saeed Ghani Is Shocked The Way People Are More Worried About ‘New Clothes’

'Open Schools too,Education Is More Important Than Eid Clothes': Senator Saeed Ghani

As the government eases the lockdown, people raced to markets to start preparing for the coming Eid. Not only are they getting out of their homes unnecessarily they are also violating the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) set by the government to control the coronavirus spread in the country.

People are avoiding basic COVID-19 precautions. Social distancing was also neglected by the citizens.

What was unfortunate to see was parents lugging along their children without a care in the world. Markets are overflowing with buyers from 8 am in the morning till lockdown commence.

This smart lockdown initiative is taking a pretty poor turn and can cause more harm than good.

Not so ‘smart’ lockdown

Senator Saeed Ghani also took to Twitter to comment on the ongoing situation and the carefree attitude of parents regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am shocked and distressed. Parents are more concerned about Eid clothes than the well being of their children. Today we are being reprimanded for not opening shopping malls and markets. God Forbid Tomorrow we may suffer a shortage of space in hospitals, and a shortage of doctors. May Allah have mercy on us all,” Senator Ghani tweets.

The tweet since then has gotten 1.3K Retweets & 5.8K Likes

Twitteraties agree with Senator Ghani’s views

“God forbid if doctors, ventilators, beds, nurses are fall short in the next few days, what will happen considering the current situation? Who will be responsible for this, my demand will be that whoever makes the decision will deal with this situation and leave the Sindh government out of it because the performance of the Sindh government was in front of everyone.”

Senator Ghani also tweeted, ” Wanted to know when are schools opening, If corona doesn’t affect crowds then the school should be opened too. Children and suffering and education is more important than Eid clothes.”

The Govt might have its reasons for initiating smart lockdown but Pakistanis are least concerned to follow the proper guidelines and SOPs set for their own benefit.

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