It’s Twitteraties VS Pakistan People’s Party & The ‘Infamous’ TV Channel

Saeed Ghani and News Channel

Ever since ARY News took the plunge and ‘exposed’ Bilawal Bhutto and Saeed Ghani, all the PPP supporters started bashing them on Twitter. They think that ARY News works only in the support of PTI, thus allotting the name: ARY Niazi to the channel. Since then #ARYNiazi is a top trend on Twitter.

Apparently, this is trending on Twitter. Twitteraties are having their own fun morphing the logo into forms of their liking. There are PTI supporters, and then there are PPP supporters.

While the politicians—senator Saeed Ghani—is calling out ARY News for twisting facts and narrative against the Sindh government. They believe ARY has done nothing but speak in the support if PTI hence the trending title: ARY Niazi.

On Bilawal Bhutto and Saeed Ghani

ARY News exposed Bilawal Bhutto and Saeed Ghani for stealing 10 Arab worth of wheat. ARY News exposed the politicians and inquired them upfront to which Saeed Ghani couldn’t respond in a satisfactory rebuttal. He further said that ARY News has conspired against the Sindh government only to glorify the workings of PTI. That ARY News mission is to defame PPP in the eyes of the public.

Twitteraties response to the event

Following that event, many PPP supporters and PTI support went in cahoots with each other. Some of the reactions are plain hilarious, while some have some really valid questions.

Then, there are people who pledge to ‘expose’ ARY News as well

And then PPP supporters glorifying PPP in Sindh:

On the other hand, there are PTI supporters who are calling out Hamid Mir and the rest of the journalists to sit silently at the sight of a journalist exercising his right of freedom to speak.

They are asking them as to why haven’t they responded to this incident when media is questioned – the way they aggressively responded to Maulana Tariq Jameel’s incident. Many of us believed Hamid Mir should apologize to Maulana Tariq Jameel instead when he critiqued media. Now everyone’s critiquing a news channel but everyone’s silent.

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