Mayor of London Sadiq Khan Called Momina Mustehsan a ‘Role Model’ and Pakistanis Weren’t That Happy

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is on his tour to Pakistan and let’s say, people are loving it.

After being the first Western politician of his generation to cross the India-Pakistan border, Sadiq Khan is excelling and winning the hearts of everyone, based on how he wishes to develop better relations between London and Pakistan.

The Mayor is Attending Different Events, Meeting Pakistanis Belonging to Different Walks of Life

Begins with Cultural Heritage!

Meetings with Political Figures

And With the Entertainers, Of Course


Sadiq Khan Met the Coke Studio Sensation Momina Mustehsan and his Caption…Well, Pakistanis Did Not Like It

Despite Momina being named in the BBC’s list of influential women, Pakistanis are still not ready to accept the impact and or the presence she has.

The singer is seen endorsing every other brand and has managed to set her foot well in this industry as well and despite that, Pakistanis are not willing to just admit to it.

So Here’s How Pakistanis Reacted to this Tweet by Sadiq Khan





Correction Please!

No Body Raised Their Hands

So well, here’s Momina Mustehsan being trolled once again, for something she hasn’t done. The labels and figures continue calling her a role model or an influential and the singer, well she is just trying to live with it.

About time we let go of trolling her on the internet for something that isn’t really her ‘fault’.

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