Sadiq Jamil In Multan Is Easing People’s Lives By Feeding Them For Rs.10 And It Deserves Appreciation!

Currently, the country is facing a major economic decline and is on the verge of financial instability. In this era of extreme inflation and when basic necessities are getting out of reach of the poor class, several generous humans are creating examples by filling empty stomachs.

As various welfare houses are feeding hundreds of people on a daily basis without expecting anything in return, many still sleep with an empty stomach because of the unavailability of such welfare homes in their surrounding. For those hungry people, this amazing Pakistani has set up a stall and is welcoming anyone to eat there at an extremely low price.


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Sadiq Jamil, human feeding humanity!

Recently, a story from Pakistan’s Multan area caught everyone’s attention and it is such a generous act. Sadiq Jamil, has set up a stall at MDA Chowk in Multan where he is feeding people for Rs.10. In this era where inflation has taken over the country, this man is serving daal (lentils), chawal (rice), roti (bread) and mithai (sweets), for just a 10 rupee note, amazing.

In a day, many people which include bypassers, rickshaw drivers, truck drivers, etc stop and satisfy their hunger at this amazing eatery. One of Sadiq’s regular customers who is a rickshaw driver by profession, says, “The stall has made my life easy and I come here every day to have lunch and even take food home for my family.”

Sadiq Jamil himself is a physically impaired person but it didn’t stop him from helping others. He says, “I have set up this roadside stall for those who are unable to afford a good three meal every day. Set up like this should be installed near bus stops, railway stations, and hospitals so that no one would stay hungry.” Such a beautiful thought.


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Lavish restaurants, lavish prices!

These days where restaurants have hiked their prices because of the current financial situation of the country, people like Sadiq are setting an example for everyone. No matter what the conditions be, nothing can be done until and unless you are willing to put the effort into it.

Sadiq, you are a hero and Pakistanis are proud of you!

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