‘Insaan Ke Bachay Ban Ker Rahen’ – Model Sadaf Kanwal To All Her Haters

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Model and actress Sadaf Kanwal has been in the news since December, and needless to say, for all the wrong reasons. Ever since she tied knots with the actor Shahroz Sabzwari, the netizens never miss the chance to bash her. But well, Sadaf Kanwal is having none of it no more, she has a message for all her haters!

Syra Yousuf and Shahroz ended their seven-year-long marriage on accounts of irreconcilable differences. Ironically, many thought the ‘irreconcilable differences’ was actually a fancy word for Sabzwari’s alleged extra-marital affair with Kanwal. Furious over their favorite couple’s breakup, Pakistanis began lashing out on Sadaf.

Insaan Ke Bachay Ban Ker Rahen, Says Sadaf Kanwal To All Her Haters!
Source: Instagram

Well, it certainly did not end there. Later, Sadaf and Sabzwari released their hush-hush wedding news. Oh and then the hatred filled trends against the model turned actress was unstoppable! So much so that the hate never faded away.

In fact, most of the people continue to hold the grudge and are not over how Shahroz left Syra for Kanwal. Many continue to refer to Kanwal as the ‘homewrecker’ and whatnot. She has been a target of incessant trolling for a while now.

Sadaf Kanwal breaks the silence & gives a shut up call to her haters

As we all know, Kanwal is known for being bold with haters. She simply refuses to take the negativity and often strikes it down with a message for haters.

Insaan Ke Bachay Ban Ker Rahen, Says Sadaf Kanwal To All Her Haters!
Source: Instagram

Now, the model who has been nominated several times for prestigious awards, including the Lux Style and Hum Awards for the best model, refuses to take the hate and ensures that she always responds to haters.

So this time as well, the model responded to the haters in a viral going TikTok video. In the video, she laughingly tells all her haters that they need to stop spreading so much negative.

In the video, she says, “Jo bhi sun rahay hain, apni had mai rahen, aur khush rahen, aur kisi ki buraiyan na kren. Insaan kay bachay ban kar rahen. Yeh jo negative comments kar rahay hotay hain, usay khatam karden” [Stay in your limits. Stay happy, stay beautiful, do not talk ill about others. Be civil. And whoever sends negative messages, stop doing that].

Moreover, saying it in a laughing tone, Sadaf Kanwal also tried to convey a message to her haters as well as her fans that she does not really give any importance to negativity. It does not affect her. And most importantly, she also implies that it is mostly the ugly looking people who come up with all the negative comments. Oops!

Here, take a look!

Well, all the nitpicking over her ‘revealing’ outfits over the years has doubtlessly geared her up for this. She has dealt with all kinds of haters. From the Islam preaching ones to the body-shaming, Kanwal has heard it all. So no matter what the haters say, she will possibly respond to them all the same way.

Don’t you think we have criticized the newly-wed couple way too much? Isn’t it high time we move on from our favorite couple’s breakup. We all are quick to say ‘live and let live’ but never ready to act on it. Seriously though, LIVE AND LET LIVE!

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