Sabroso Finally Releases Statement After A Girl Accused Its Owners Of Rape Under #MeToo Movement!

Sabroso Finally Releases Statement After A Girl Accused Its Owners Of Rape Under #MeToo Movement!

In the heat of the #MeToo movements, Pakistanis saw some extremely evil faces of some famous personalities. As every trend changes with time, the exposing season also slowed down and several fake accusers also got caught. Since last month, the exposing atmosphere picked up a rush again and every day a new face was getting into trouble. No matter how well-known or powerful the personality is, the internet spares no one.

Sabir Brothers of Sabroso accused of raping a girl!

Earlier this week, owners of the famous frozen food franchise “Sabroso” came under fuming allegations by a girl and Pakistanis were stunned. Run by a group of five brothers (Sabir Brothers), two of the executive directors Imran Sabir and Zeeshan Sabir of the brand were called out by a Twitter user Rabia Mustafa Khan accusing them of allegedly raping her two years back. Soon after the girl’s tweet, the matter spread like fire on other social platforms.

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This is what Rabia Mustafa Khan had tweeted!

Sabroso Owners released a statement on the matter and called it all fake and baseless!

This morning, Sabir brothers finally released a statement denying all accusations made by the girl on Twitter. Further, Imran Sabir who is the Executive Director For The Broiler Farms provided a statement regarding the allegations. He said, “These allegations are fake and are being spread via fake account. These are lies as the person who claims to be working there, never did. There is no record of ‘Rabia Mustafa Khan’ ever working for Sabroso. There is no FIR registered against the person’s brother. There is no record of it because it’s a lie.”

According to Imran Sabir, this is all planted and the only purpose behind it is to defame our name. A copy of an old FIR was also shared by the Sabir brothers which was filed by the company regarding a similar incident.

This is the FIR lodged previously by the company!


Here’s another part of the FIR!


Calling the culprit Cheema, this is what Zeeshan Sabir and Imra Sabir had to say about him, “Cheema owed us Rs.58.6 million on which he defaulted. Hence, when we decided to file a case against him, he threatened us. He tried to blackmail us by saying that he would use false propaganda to go viral. I have those messages with me as evidence.”

“This is a fake profile and we are 99% sure that Salman Cheema, the defaulter, is behind this. Sabroso will be taking strict legal action against this person. It’s unfortunate that even political personalities, without any investigation into the matter, tweeted about it. People are being totally misled.” they added.

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Currently, the matter is in a confusing state as no one knows who the actual culprit is. Among the statements of Sabir Brothers, the girl who accused recently tweeted that the police has arrived to arrest them and that they are going with them to the police station.

Here’s what Rabia Mustafa Khan tweeted lastly!

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