Sabra ‘Anti-Palestinian’ Superhero Reviving In Latest MCU Film

Sabra Marvel Israel

With the massive announcement of upcoming Marvel movies, fans have become more excited about the new MCU-featured films and new characters.

Marvel has been one of the most versatile universes that got various characters from different casts and colors.

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On Sunday, at the D23 Expo that the upcoming Marvel film Captain America: New World Order will feature Sabra’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Soon after this information came out, the internet-filled Marvel faced backlash from the fans and demanded to remove this character.

Why? Because a racist, anti-Palestine character was first introduced in 1980s Hulk comics. Twitter is filled with tweets and divided into two points of view on the character.

Sabra a new Israeli character of Marvel

Sabra’s character will be played by an Israeli actor Shira Haas has been chosen to play the character. With the comments and tweets, Netizens are surely not okay. They have lauded their voice on how they feel disturbed.

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There are various reasons behind people being upset with the character, Sabra is not only offensive, but also cruel and tone-deaf.

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The OG Marvel fans remember ‘The Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982’. According to Arab News, Israelis blocked exits as Lebanese Christian militiamen entered Beirut’s Sabra neighborhood and embarked on a 36-hour massacre of Muslim men, women, and children that left hundreds dead.

One of the users wrote, “They went ahead and named the Israeli superhero after one of the biggest massacres of Palestinians.

This superheroine can now only justify her role by going against 6-8 year Palestinian kids with her superpower being shooting out barb wires for facilitating apartheid.”

Another user found it sick, “Marvel announcing Sabra as a new character when she’s a Mossad and isr**l propaganda character just one week before the 40th commemoration of the Sabra and Shatila massacre is just… sickening.”

Counter & Other Marvel Jewish Superheroes

There are people who argued that the character was named before the massacre occurred. On the other hand, some countered and said that the name could have been changed as it reminds them of the painful history.

For those who don’t know, there are other Marvel Jewish superheroes but no one raised any voice against it.

One user wrote, “There are other Jewish and even Israeli characters in Marvel’s catalog who aren’t Mossad agents, but I guess Sabra will do to provide awoke Ethnic Cleansing.”

Sabra’s whole personality showcases anti-Palestinian and that is problematic. Not only that her dangerous superpowers are portrayed as a device to hurt Palestinians/Arabs in particular, whose humanity she has trouble accepting.

One user cleared some air with some comic images, “This is how Arabs are presented in Sabra’s first appearance in Marvel comics. The word Palestinian is never used. An Arab child in the comic who is an illiterate liar and thief is killed by black veiled bombers so Sabra can cry over them.  Literally, shoot and cry propaganda.”

Sabra vs Ms. Marvel

Recently Marvel introduced a Muslim young superhero “Ms. Marvel” and it gain endless love from the fans. One of the users wrote that Marvel has taken steps back compare to Ms. Marvel where they went up ahead.

Netizens have started comparing both the shows and trying to defend Sabra with it. One user tweeted and target the right point of the discussion.

“Nobody complained when Marvel had that TV show about a Pakistani-American, Muslim superhero (MS. MARVEL). Pakistan is an extremely repressive country founded on Islamic supremacism. In fact, I thought it was a good show, because I’m not a racist, like the anti-Sabra squad.”

Last year, the DC Superman movie came under the Indian netizen’s radar when a clip of the Injustice movie went viral in which Superman declared Kashmir an “arms-free zone”.

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