2+2=5: Journalist Sabir Shakir’s Coronavirus Calculations Has Twitter In Fits

Sabir Shakir

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has brought the whole world on its knees as the cases just keep on piling up daily. Like other parts, Pakistan is also affected by the contagious disease with more than 5,000 confirmed cases till now.

Fortunately, the fatality rate is much lower in Pakistan as compared to even developed countries witnessing hundreds of deaths daily. Apart from such heart-rending news, the virus has definitely brought out the best in Pakistanis promoting humanity in these desperate times.

On the contrary, it seems that the Pakistani media has gone too far while reporting the emerging coronavirus stories. Previously, a well-reputed news outlet, DawnNews TV, reported wrong news about UK’s Prime Minister Borris Johnson‘s death. The channel even apologized later. Recently, journalist Sabir Shakir’s ‘slip-of-tongue’ has the internet in fits.

Sabir Shakir is definitely not good in mathematics

Currently, going viral on Twitter, Shakir’s video of miscalculations of the coronavirus cases in Pakistan has everyone confused. While making others aware of the erupted cases, Shakir took the tally way too high without realizing the actual numbers. The internet warriors, as always were ready to bash the journalist and the reactions are downright hilarious.

As per Shakir, Pakistan currently has 5,00,000 positive cases of coronavirus which is way too much than the confirmed tally. Moreover, the journalist stated that till now, ‘only’ 61,000 patients have been properly tested for the disease. Well, here comes the best part, Sabir Shakir thinks that out of 61,000 tested patients, 5,00,000 have been tested positive, what even?

Concluding his genius revelations, Sabir Shakir says that the ratio of positive cases in Pakistan is currently 5%. Well, such talented journalists who don’t believe in proper research before appearing online are rare to find. As the video went up, Twittaratis were quick to identify the blunders and the hilarious commenting trip began.

Really? That’s suspicious

Online classes these days

That’s funny

Pun intended


Because Pakistan is full of such talented minds, people are demanding a Nobel Prize in mathematics for Sabir Shakir. However, this isn’t the first time the journalist is being slammed for his naiveness. Previously, netizens had even targeted his English reading skills after Shakir tried to read a political tweet while on a live TV show.

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