ARY Journalist Predicts Millions Of Babies Coming In 2020 Due To Lockdown

sabir shakir

Renowned Pakistani journalist/anchorperson Sabir Shakir has recently predicted that 120 million babies will be born this year as part of the lockdown effect.

While he was quoting UNICEF research with some of his own analysis, Twitteraties are having field day over his comments. Shakir feels that since people had nothing to do in this lockdown, there will be a baby boom this year especially in Pakistan.

He also said that apart from the baby boom there will be many post-pregnancy deaths as well. Pakistan, according to him is on 4th rank across the globe who will witness the baby boom till December this year. The country will have around 5 million babies born by the end of this year.

India, China and Nigeria are the top three countries who will see the most increase in population this year.

Shakir also said that it’s good news for the people across the globe since we have lost too many lives in this coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter pokes fun at Sabir Shakir

However, Twitter is amused with his comments. They had come up with jokes about the aftermath of this lockdown with many stating that ‘lots of babies’ were a guaranteed result. While many are also criticizing Shakir for miscalculating figures. Though Shakir was giving worldwide figures but many assumed that he is predicting 120 million babies only in Pakistan [which is way more than Pakistan’s entire population].

Earlier too, his mathematics knowledge was questioned when he wrongly calculated coronavirus cases in the country.


Upon the announcement of the lockdown in the country in March, people had some genuine concerns. Many already predicted that there will be lots of baby birth as an effect of lockdown. Now, the UNICEF report has also put a stamp to all the predictions. All the jokes seem to come true!


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