Pakistanis Seem Offended After Saba Qamar’s Recent Photo Shoot Goes Viral And Uff, Bas Bhi Kardo!

Saba Qamar is well known for her versatility from Besharam to Cheekh and shines in the roles of a strong, determined woman. The “Baghi” actress is never shy of experimenting with new and different ideas. Her recent shoot with Aleehasan Photography is one of its kind. The beautiful model cum actress looks amazing with tanned skin!

Have a look!

Saba posted another pic from her latest photoshoot on her Twitter with an Anthony McQueen quote, “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it”.

She played with black and white to bring out her features and raw beauty. The shoot is a magnificent mix of style and beauty.

Source: DuniyaNews

And here are some more!

Source: Dunya news

But apparently, people could see much more than style. She was spotted wearing revealing clothes and the internet went crazy. The very people who follow celebrities and their fan pages can’t help being judgemental. Honestly, if you are so bothered by them just click unfollow and save your self from the haram content on the internet.

and this happens every time a celebrity shoot goes viral, and for Saba, this certainly was not the first time…

Saba was featured on the Allpakdramapage for her amazing new viral shoot, and yes the haram comments started to pour in,

People couldn’t stop saying Astagfirullah while ogling at the pictures:

Everybody had to share their disgust and ghussa at such vulgar dressing yet still, chose to look at the pics and lecture the world about how un-Islamic it is to post such pictures.

This one gave a whole lecture on how the online page made to share celebrity news and gossip should not share such posts but failed to unfollow the page.

This guy who’s totally pissed at not being so tech-savvy,

And this keen observer

This troll who couldn’t stay away from Instagram on the blessed day of Friday,

And this is not the first time, people are always ready to give their uncalled for opinion and judgments,

Lol, the reality check

Ahan, definitely Yahoodi Sazish,

And well, Saba doesn’t really care what netizens have to say about her, this sums it up nicely,

Yup, she certainly doesn’t.

What do you think about it guys? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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