Dear Saba Qamar, Your Controversial Mosque Shoot Has Ruined This Man’s Dream Wedding & He Is Angry!

saba qamar ruined wedding

Actress Saba Qamar has recently embroiled in a controversy for shooting a music video with Singer Bilal Saeed at Lahore’s Wazir Khan mosque. They both have apologized after incurring the wrath of the public and media. However, some people will never forgive them for what they did just for a video shoot. A man’s wedding just got ruined because of Saba Qamar’s video shoot at Wazir Khan Mosque.

The incident drags many people in the controversy including the mosque authorities [who gave them permission to shoot the video]. After facing severe criticism, the mosque management had to cancel other events as well that were to be held at the mosque including nikkah ceremonies.

Among those unfortunate people whose wedding got called off, one was Assistant Commissioner Lahore Mohammad Murtaza who always dreamt to get married at the historic mosque.

Saba Qamar takes away Murtaza’s life-long dream of his wedding

Disappointed Murtaza shared his story on Twitter where he said Saba Qamar’s mosque video shoot took his happiness, ruined his wedding and life-long dream.

I don’t know Saba Qamar personally but she and Bilal Saeed have played a sad (and emotionally traumatizing) part in my life recently,” he wrote.

Murtaza always wanted to get married at the Wazir Khan mosque because of its beauty and traditions. He was about to live his dream the mosque authority canceled his nikkah because they ‘didn’t want any controversy’. So just like that, his wedding was ruined by the video shoot of Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed.

For Murtaza, it meant a lot to him. He made all the arrangements according to the mosque theme and wanted to have a memorable wedding.

Well, we feel sorry for Murtaza but wish him a very happy married life. We hope he fulfills the rest of his dreams and forgets about the ruined wedding.

However, Saeed turned to his Instagram with a lengthy apology over the recent debacle that was caused following the filming of his music video Qubool with Qamar. He said his video created a misunderstanding on the internet. Adding that it was nothing more than a photoshoot that happens regularly at the mosque site.


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